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Mrs Serena Somerville Cert EYP

Quality Assured



Offering Government funded Early Education as well as Great Quality Personal Home from Home Childcare!

Not ‘just’ a Childminder Serena is a certified Early Years Practitioner delivering the Governments Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum to 0 - 5 year olds.

Serena is a qualified Early Years Practitioner who works closely with Dorset County Council and other Early Years providers.

Safeguarding children


My first responsibility and priority is towards the children in my care. If I have any cause for concern I will report it to the relevant body, following the Local Safeguarding Children Board procedures.

  • North Dorset Children's Social Care (CSC) 01258 472652
  • Out of hours service 01202 657279
  • The local procedures that I hold are available for parents to see on request.


    I understand that child abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, neglect, or a

    mixture of these, and am aware of the signs and symptoms of these.


    I must notify Ofsted of any allegations of abuse that are alleged to have taken place while the child is in my care, including any allegations against me, or any members of my family, or other adults or children in my home who have had contact with minded children.


    Procedure (how I put the statement into practice)

    I keep up to date with child protection issues and relevant legislation by taking regular training courses and by reading relevant publications (local authority literature, PACEY publications, Twitter, Facebook, Nursery and Early Years publications etc).

    I have copies of the Local Safeguarding Children Board procedures. Every six months I check that I have the latest version of the relevant procedures (or any documents that may replace them in the future).

    I follow the procedures outlined in my confidentiality policy.

    I work together with parents to make sure the care of their child is consistent – please refer to my Working with Parents policy.



    Children will only be released from my care to the parent/carer or to someone named and authorised by them. A password might be used to confirm identity if the person collecting the child is not previously known to me.

    Parents must notify me of any concerns they have about their child and any accidents, incidents or injuries affecting the child, which I will record and ask parents to sign.

    Unless I believe that it would put the child at risk of further harm, I will discuss concerns with a child’s parent if I notice:

    Significant changes in a child’s behaviour

    Bruising or marks not consistent with a reported accident

    Any comments made by a child which give me cause for concern

    Signs of neglect.

    If a child tells me that they or another child is being abused, I will:

    • Show that I have heard what they are saying, and that I take their allegations seriously.
    • Encourage the child to talk, but I will not prompt them or ask them leading questions. I will not interrupt when a child is recalling significant events and will not make a child repeat their account.
    • Explain what actions I must take, in a way that is appropriate to the age and understanding of the child.
    • Record what I have been told using exact words where possible.
    • Make a note of the date, time, place and people who were present at the discussion.
  • I will call the local social services’ duty desk for advice and an assessment of the situation.

    I will follow this phone call up with a letter to the Duty team within 48 hours. I will record the concern and all contact with Children’s Services thereafter.

    If an allegation is made against me, any member of my family or any other adult or child in my setting I will report it to Ofsted and social services, following the Local Safeguarding Children Board procedures.  I will also contact PACEY’s Information Line on 0845 880 0044 for advice and support.

     In all instances I will record:

    the child’s full name and address

    the date and time of the record

    factual details of the concern, for example bruising, what the child said, who was present

    details of any previous concerns



    details of any explanations from the parents

    any action taken such as speaking to parents.


    It is not my responsibility to attempt to investigate the situation myself.


    The use of mobile phones and cameras

    I understand that mobile phones are an everyday part of life for parents and childminders and with that in mind have laid out my procedure for their use:

    I will ensure my mobile phone is fully charged and with me at all times in case of emergencies

    I have the facility to take photographs on both my mobile phone and camera and will seek your permission to take any photographs of your child to record activities and share their progress with you.

    Any photographs taken will be deleted after either emailing to you or printed for use in your child’s learning journey

    I will not publish any photographs of your child on any social networking sites or share with any other person without your permission.

    If your child has a mobile phone or camera that they wish to bring into the setting please let me know, so that we can work together to ensure the safety of all children in attendance.

    I have registered with the Information Commissioners Office as a data controller.


    Whistle Blowing

    Everyone connected to my setting should be aware of their duty to rise concerns, where they exist, about the management of safeguarding. Any such concerns should be raised with me.  If your concern is about me then contact the Children's Social Care team on the above mentioned number.


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